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Originally posted by Noah930
Well, then, you're certainly in the ballpark (albeit the lower end) for a 930. The earlier cars (late 70s) I've seen have had asking prices around $25K. Sometimes even in the lower 20s. The later cars (86-89) seem to have asking prices mostly in the $30-35 range. Some more, some less. I got mine for $28.5K so it's certainly possible to get a decent car in your price range. There are always some garage queens with few/no miles that have asking prices for $60K. They seem to be perpetually for sale, so I don't think people are actually paying that much for them.

Don't forget to budget another couple thousand dollars right off the bat to fix things that the PO (Previous Owner) hasn't. Maybe you won't. Maybe you can DIY for a lot less. But budget it, nonetheless.

And, like people have mentioned, repairs aren't necessarily cheap if you have a local shop do them. Despite the legendary Porsche quality, these cars are 20+ years old, by now.

Not going to even mention the tens of thousands of dollars you can easily spend on mods you'll want. You might not want them now, but you will eventually.
Thanks, yes i will be doing most of the work, I'm pretty good working on cars when I love them. As far as parts I guess pelican is one of the best sources Right?
Also to just to make this even clearer. i do not mind a conversion slant nose as long as it is nicely done.
yes the factory 505 would be great but I see that most of the 505 turbo are in the 40K.. am I right.
My question would be beside the vallue of the factory steel slant nose. why is the steel slant nose better than the after market kit.
I also like the Slant nose S spoiler that came standard on the euro cars and was a dealer option in the US. I asume people crack these things. but I Know from experience that I am less likley to do so.
I looked this weekend at a 505 white with red interior. Of course he would not let me drive it unless I am buying . but i find it hard to buy a car with out being able to drive it first.

So any pointers on that would be great. I under stand how the 505 owner would be so careful about who to let drive his car. but this man talked to me for 2 hours with out me even asking much questions , but yet he wont even take me for a drive. he also did not mention that the car had body work. I saw the bad welding/ hammer markson the fender seam when I opened the front hood.
he is asking 43K and he owned 12 of these cars. that he is selling some of them. he was a nice man and he took his time educating me. But in the mean time. to sell a car that you know it will sell itself you should just take the buyer for a drive and make the story short. especially that I had my wife their with me which offcourse carries a good portion of the approval rate of bying the car.

Any way. If their is a certain approach to get to test drive a classic porsche pleas let me know.

Thank you

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