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Ok, I looked the car over in great detail yesterday and holy CRAP! ... this is a seriously nice car !! for the bad news, The car I believe must have had unknown KPH (mileage) on it before the Speedo was put in. I thought I earlier saw a receipt from 83 with the mileage at 2,900 miles, but it was actually 86. From 86 and on is where the records are complete. This car was untouched, never Federalized, but somehow it got a PA title. The story goes that the original owner was a Doctor and he imported 2 of these new. One was federalized and they botched it up. Somehow the second one wasn't touched ( the one I'm looking at ). Looking at the little wear and tear on the seats, carpets and pedals leads me to believe the car doesn't have a ton of miles.... still, it's one of those cars that you really don't know how many miles it has?

....... back to the good news...

The owner is a Porsche fanatic and has worked on Porsches all his life. He bought this car for $25,500 and said it was a good find in amazingly good shape, and that's why he bought it. He's owned it since 2002. He completely stripped the car down and did a total rebuild. The car got new black urethane paint, nothing was masked, all new front, back and side window seals, new door seals, a nice aluminum Turbo kick plates, new windshield, sunroof seal, hood, trunk seals, upgraded H4 headlights, new bumper rubber, new fog lights, front spoilers, new door handles, a new 930s steering wheel, new floormats imported from Germany ....lots and lots of very expensive details. The interior is original as is the radio, (sport seats)! whaletail, headliner are original as well. The wheels are upgraded, were polished and are 8" and 9" ... the lugs were made at a machine shop for the guy.

New rear wheel bearings were pressed in, new sway bar bushings and plates, new bilsteins, new rotors and pads. The motor was out, heads pulled, new valve guides, seals and head gaskets. New flywheel and clutch ( less than 1,000 miles on much of this stuff ) Under the front and rear bonnet reveals the car has never been hit, nor has the doors been tampered with ... all the stamped VIN #s match. The doors are the un modified European doors, never been hit. There is a nice blue anodized torque bar between the front shock towers. The turbo is a K28 ( I can't remember what other word he attached to that K28 spider or K28 something or other. Exhaust is a B&B. All new injectors. Oil lines are stainless braided. Timing chain tensioner oiling upgrade. Underneath the car is showroom clean! No oil leaks! The cases haven't ever been apart, so that is the only unknown... how much wear and tear? There is a bunch of other stuff that has been replaced that I am forgetting.

Wow, I am rambling here, but just trying to remember all the details. The car comes with a nice lockable cover and a bra, tool kit, first aid kit and original owners manual ..... and tons of dated records with the VIN # and mileage for all this work that I just mentioned above. There is a document that Porsche certified the VIN on this car and confirmed it was an actual 930 turbo car with the options that it came with.

This car is fast !! FAST !! Unbelievably fast. I had no idea these older 930s could be this quick. I have a buddy with a Twin Turbo Supra and this Porsche feels as fast as his car when it was at 400 RWHP. The transmission is great! Smooth syncros and the ratios are perfect. This car has so much torque even off boost, there is no need for more than 4 speeds ... in fact, more gears would be a hassle because this thing pulls so hard over such a wide rpm range, what's the point of adding more gears? He said there was some kind of special transmission grease in there that was like $30 a quart... I forget what the name was.

The car feels like a NEW car on the road. No rattles or squeaks.... it is tight and very comfortable to drive. Steering is tight and neutral but higher effort than I normally like. The brakes are great! Tires are cheapos, but that's an easy fix.

ok, so sorry this is so much to read, but here's the deal. The way I am looking at this car is; The car has been almost totally restored. There are a LOT of nice details, both major and minor and the receipts tell a story of a LOT of money spent on the car.

I could wait and try to find a really clean USA spec car for around $30K and hope it's the color I want with original wheels, a sunroof and doesn't have too many hard miles. This would in the long run be better as far as the car appreciating in value, but I am betting I would dump more money in a car like that off setting any return when time comes to sell.

I could buy THIS car and drive it basically as a new car .... I mean, the things been rebuilt for the most part and it is exactly the car I dreamed on black with original wheels and a sunroof. The bonus here is the K28 turbo and B&B exhaust..... I think the car is worth $30K pretty easy. Oh, I talked to the guy who painted it and the verified that the car was straight. He too said that anything (the owner) brings to him is straight and he does excellent work and doesn't mess with junk. He's owned 30 Porsches. The only thing left would be a PPI basically to confirm what I already think I know minus leak down test results.

I spent about 4 hours checking this car out yesterday. The owner loves these cars and owns several. He's very friendly and down to earth, very well off, his wife is a high school principle and I am confident he is a straight shooter. I can usually read people pretty well and after cross checking many things, I believe this guy simply loves these cars and is a perfectionist. He put a lot of time and money into the car, that's for sure.

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