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3.2 conversion - lots of questions!

Hello Turbo Pelicans,

First, THANK YOU! Big time, for sharing your information with the rest of us. You have inspired me to go after my dream of getting the turbo charging system on my 1985 3.2 Carrera. I am trying to do this as cheap as possible, because I am selling other toys like Rolex watch, Nikon camera lenses etc. to pay for it.

One of the first questions you guys always ask is: What is your goal? I would be thrilled to have 300-325hp, with boost coming on at 3.5-4k rpm.

I bought this turbo on Ebay:,1

Question: What is AR 50? How is that different from AR 69? What is the trim number? The description on my ebay part does not have a trim specified.

Phil told me about Function 7 flanges to connect oil supply and sump. He gave me his parts list for oil return stuff from BAT. Where do I tap into the oil suppy to the turbo?

Question: Where do I get intake flange/elbow to MAF? How much does it cost?

I need to keep my heat, so I want to keep my heat exchangers. I have a cat by-pass now and what I believe is a 930 muffler. What are my options for connecting the turbo between the cat by-pass and muffler?

Question: Do I have to cut into my engine tin to make a hole for the tubing from the turbo to the intake?

Question: Do I need an intercooler for running low boost? I believe that I will have a .6 bar/8 psi setup. If I do need one, I would probably also have to change my tail from tea tray type to turbo and move my air conditioning condensor. So, it will probably add at least $2,500 to the total cost.

Question: What specific lengths of tubing do I need (elbows etc.)?

Question: Where does the wastegate go?

Question: Where does the BOV go? Is it welded into a section of tubing?

I am going to get the RRFPR and Motronic chip from Todd at Protomotive.

Question: Where do I install the RRFPR? (Pictures are tremendously helpful if you have some)

Lm1? Three packages are offered. Do I need the basic $350 or the whole kit for $600?

I will have to buy fuel pressure and boost gauge. Where do these gauges get their signals? Does the RRFPR have plugs that you connect to for electrical signal or is it mechanical. How does the boost gauge work? Where is it connected? How does the gauge get that signal? I saw a gauge on Ebay that showed vacuum and boost on the same dial: is vacuum just negative boost?

I hope that you will all pardon me for being so entirely clueless. I am completely fascinated with the topic and I have read as much as I can find on the subject. If you want to point out threads that will help, I am totally willing to go where you lead me to learn.
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