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Re: 915 transmission in a 930

Originally posted by tx93086
I have an 86 930 that I would like to put a 5 speed 915 transmission in. I have an SC flywheel and clutch, but I am not sure what it takes to adapt the CV joints. Will the larger 930 drove yolks fit in the 915 transmission? Any advice from someone who has done this mod would be appreciated.
Oooh, good question.

The later 3.2 drive shafts are different (bigger flanges) than the SC ones, but I'm not sure that they're the same as 930, although they might be.

I know when I replaced the mag case 915 on my car with a late 3.2 alu cased-915, we swapped the fine-spline S type stub axles into it.

The Sachs power clutch seems to hold a 930 just fine, the standard one will live for a while at least.

Renegade do kevlar-faced clutches that hold V8 power through a 915, and Wayne said that they were one of Pelican's suppliers in a thread a couple of years ago - so should be able to get them through our host.

In fact, you might want to talk to them about beefing up the 915 or other gearbox conversions - an SC 915 is much better than a mag-cased one, but the later ones - later the better - are stronger.

My mag-cased 915 was quite unhappy after about 230,000 miles in the car (it'd been gone through before), with 25,000 of those in front of a mild 930. You should consider a spray bar kit if you're going to track it - my 5th gearset was blue when it came out, we figured from oil starvation (slosh) under prolonged boost...

Remember, 1st is pretty much for traffic and parking lots only, launching hard really isn't a good idea.

You might also prefer a taller 5th gearset than an SC comes with, I found' 5th pretty buzzy at highway speeds. Short-geared like that, it does go like hell 50-150 though...

I ended up raising 2nd as well, which makes 2-3-4 pretty close, and my 5th is now a good cruising gear (80 @ 3000 in top).
'77 S with '78 930 power and a few other things.
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