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Part III

After leaving there we went back to Route 8 and took that all the way to Indian Lake. We took a left and went south on Route 30 following the Sacandaga river and turned off just before Edinburgh and took North Shore Rd along Sacandaga Lake.

Seventies Man took a siesta

We chilled out there for a while and rested. I was trying to check my messages to see if I heard from AndrewA but my phone had went dead. We decided we were ready to eat. We had a choice of Papa's Diner in Lazurne or A&W in Lake George. I left it to Seventies Man and Amelia to decide. The chose A&W. We took North Shore Rd to Hadley-Lazurne road. I hadn't been on that in years. It was fun but bumpy. When we got to Lazurne two sheriff cars were parked in opposing directions blocking traffic. They didn't seem to care that we were sitting there waiting. I was about to beep (but thought that might not be a good idea) then they finally moved. As the one drove past he cruised a little closer to my bike and I could see he was checking my inspection sticker. What a dick! So we had to follow the one cop. I went the speed limit so he kind of pulled away from me as we went north on 9N towards Lake George. I could just make out the second sheriffs car coming over the horizon behind us. I am sure he was trying to catch us speeding. So since he couldn't he just proceeded to tailgate Seventies Man. He followed us right into the village.
We had lunch at A&W. Seventies Man and I both got floats, I got mine with cream soda, and a burger combo. Amelia got a salad. I tried checking my messages with Amelias phone to see if AndrewA called and there was a message but I couldn't understand it. We I talked to Andrew on the phone on Friday he told me they were staying at HoJo's. So we just drove over there and stalked them looking for BMW's. We found them.

Thats XTriple's bike to the left, Andrew's to the right. Andrews had nice Ohlins like me, they both had nice carbon huggers, and XTriple had the Laser exhaust. As I was taking pictures of their bikes AndrewA appeared out on a balcony above. They came down and were already hitting the Red Bull and Vodka so they were done riding.

Thats Seventies Man (Martin) and Amelia to the left, XTriple (Paul) in the middle, and AndrewA to the right.
Seventies Man and Amelia went to look for a hotel so I hung out with XTriple and Andrew for a while. When Seventies Man returned we walked over to dinner. It was a choice between some brewery that I can't recall and Smokey Joe's. We flipped a coin and the brewery won. However, no one came to seat us so we went to Smokey Joes anyway.

Andrew and XTriple both got the Rib Rack for $20. It was a pretty good deal and they were huge. I got pulled pork quesadilla and Seventies Man and Amelia also had a quesadilla.
Requisite food shot!

Look at those ribs!

My Quesadilla

XTriple and Andrew both had a thing for our hostess

Who am I kidding, I did too!
I had a great time hanging with everyone. Andrew and XTriple are a riot. Andrew has a permanent s**t eating grin on his face. It was cool riding with Seventies Man, he is a good riding partner and we rode a similar pace which is always nice. I took off around 8 to head home since the sun was setting it was getting cold and I didn't have my jacket liner with me. I know AndrewA took lots of pics, hopefully they will post them.
Yes, BMW does make motorcycles.....

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