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I've got some time to kill, so I'll take a shot, but don't be surprised if I need to come back and make a bunch of changes .

Reference signal (RPM) from crank or flywheel trigger or from distributor.
Sync signal from cam or distributor for sequential injection usually set about 60 BTDC.
Throttle Postion Sensor (can be sole load input for Alpha-N)
Manifold Air Pressure Sensor (MAP for load calculation or for fuel enrichment on a turbo car, 1 bar for NA, 3 bar for Turbo, port on manifold where it won't be affected by flow, i.e. not on the TB)
Barometric Air Pressure (BAP, used by Motec, place in driver compartment)
Engine temperature (I put mine on the breather cover on top of the engine)
Intake temperature (before TB and after intercooler on turbo car, best to place in the middle of tubing run so air flow is smooth, fast acting sensor works best but costs the most)

Injectors (6 outputs for sequential, 3 split for batch)
Ignition (1 for distributor, 3 or 6 for wasted spark or coil on plug)
Fuel pump relays

Optional outputs:
Lambda heater
Boost controller
Idle air controller
Check engine light
shift light
intercooler sprayer

Optional inputs:
Wide band Lambda sensor (some ECU's can read them and data log for tuning, place a few inches after turbo)
Oil pressure
Fuel pressure
Before intercooler temp
Cylinder head temp
Wheel speed
Hidden disable switch
Hidden RPM limit switch
Hidden boost limit switch

Ignition options:
Distributor and single CDI with advance controlled by ECU
Dual distributor and dual CDI's with advance contolled by ECU
Single plug waste spark with 3 dual coils and 3 or 4 output CDI or 3 ignitors with advance controlled by ECU.
Twin plug waste spark with 6 dual coils and 3 or 4 output CDI or 6 ignitors with advance controlled by ECU.
6 or 12 coil on plug with 6 or 12 ignitors separate or built in like LS1 Delcos.
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