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Originally posted by Miguel Antonett
Great looking car!

IMHO it needs a little lowering... Enjoy it.
Nice looking, but needs to be lowered to about 24.5 to 24.75 inches or so with 1 degree of nose down rake. Just use all the factory camber and rake specs, but bring it down a little more than Euro height, which is 25 inches. You can do that when you need an alignment, because you'll need an alignment once you are done! Always measure ride height from the car frame and suspension, not from your fenders. Bodywork can often be off a little.

You really want a better intercooler if you are driving in hot weather. That factory one is pretty much a joke above 88 degrees.

But the car looks nice.

Now that I know you have a permatune, I will mention that my particular mechanic has had to replace a couple of those. I mention this mainly because you said your car stalled out one time, which normally indicates you aren't getting a spark, or else, like you said-the car is running rich and this might clog up your spark plugs when decelerating. Don't worry about the permatune, you will know if it does start to have problems because your car will start missing. That is not likely the problem, more likely you should have your air to fuel ratio checked in your fuel/CIS system to make sure you are at about 12.0 and not significantly lower or higher, across your rev band.

You have a solid platform to get started with, and any tweaking you do will be worth it. You really should have your CIS system checked out for air to fuel ratio, especially if it seems rich and stalled once on deceleration.

30 grand is about the price you have to pay to get a rust free and solid 930. The reason your engine may have been rebuilt after very low miles is the same as my car, the seals and everything else in the engine goes lame when the car is just sitting for years on end. Garage queens never run as well as porsches that are used once or twice a week.
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