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Originally posted by mschnittker
I have an 82 930 that I bought about 1.5 years ago here in Virginia. It had a Virginia title, and since I too live in VA I got a new title from the VA DMV when I bought it. When I went to the DMV to get the new title and new plates no one asked if the car had been federalized. My assumption is they could see it had been emissions inspected several times in the past and if they had any doubts that probably was enought to convince them, pure speculation on my part. In VA we do emissions every two years, the car's records contained several receipts for the testing from past years and emissions were valid when I bought the car. Emissions testing is not required now that it is 25 model years old, thank you VA DMV. But I have regular plates, not classic, so I have to get it safety inspected annually, just did it, no problems. So at least in VA it should not be a problem to registed an 82 Turbo.

How about getting a copy of the present owner's PA title and take it to your Ohio DMV and ask them if there would be any issues registering the car as a classic in Ohio. They can run the VIN and give you a firm answer that would end speculation. Seems the easiest thing to do, feel sure they would not mind doing it. Best of luck!
A couple of points here:

I bought my Car with clear long standing title in Louisiana. It had been titled in Arkansas before that. I had been titled in the US for 15 years with no problems in two different states. I move to AL and get ambushed, I can't title it unless I can Show Federalization. They don't even test emissions or safety in AL. Another point to consider, who cares if it has ever passed emissions? Federalization is about more than Emissions only, so the fact it has passed an emissions test doesn't mean anything if an agency is requesting Federalization. It's titled in FL now, and they never asked.

It's a crapshoot, if you are going to keep the car FOREVER and never live anywhere else, no problemmo. If you are going to sell the car, Federalized Gray Market cars go cheaper, and non federalized Gray Market cars are a real risk. That's why I said above, to get it for a hell of a deal. Looks like a great car though.

Here is a common Myth:
"Papers, Papers, we don't need no stinkin' papers"

Just my .02

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