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Not trying to throw a can of Zippo lighter fluid on the subject, but *IF* we're all looking at the same pictures, I'm confused about where the "bling" is that was mentioned earlier? And why are they "butchers"? I don't see how the car has been totally disfigured...from any other "race car"!? So it has a freaking 'chute hanging off the back and a ton of stuff has been removed to lighten the load...nothing new there.

I've been an endurance road racing fanatic ever since I was five years old and my father began bringing me with him to see Sebring and the 24 at Daytona (I grew up in FL). I always drooled over the 911s in the pits. They were ALL stripped down! They were ALL highly modified! They ALL had many purpose built parts for their respective application! Most had CRAZY body mods (wings, flairs, spoilers, etc) and would be nearly impossible to transform back into a street car. Today, I bring my 9 year old son with me to VIR. Obviously little has changed. Are these guys butchers, too?

So this goes goes fast in a straight line. I've never been a huge NHRA fan, but I respect their world and their cars. Same goes for NASCAR...not my cup of tea, but it's different strokes - racing none the less. And for entrance into this world you need a car modified as such. For all we know the flippin' thing was/is a salvage tittle or a wrecked tub of some sort.

Believe me, I'm not trying to change any minds - opinions have been formed and that's cool, I respect that. But what is wrong with thinking outside the box, attempting a paradigm shift, and/or breaking through the stereotypes that say: "bring American muscle to the 1/4 or go home"?!?!?!
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