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Are you primarily interested in what you need to change to make the car legal in your country, restore the power, or make it look like it was a Euro car?

The US used sealed beam headlights because H4's weren't approved by the DOT until 1991, despite millions of them having been used since the 70's elsewhere. (Ha!)

You can fit 7" H4 E-code Cibie or Hella reflectors in place of the sealed beam units, or convert to the Bosch buckets (more expensive, probably not much - if any - difference in light output).

You'll need to change out the rear US lenses for Euro ones (my US car already had them fitted), you might need to disable the US marker lights at the corners, and you may need to wire/fit parking/city lights if they're required where you are.

The bumperettes are different, as you note, but only because the US impact requirements were stricter in those years than they were in Europe - as were there emissions.

I cannot see that having US spec rubber would be a problem, legally, just looks different/uglier.

If you wish to convert so you cannot tell it was a US car, you'll need the rubber blanking plugs that go where the front marker lights are on the US cars.

Legend has it that US cars have bumper shocks and RoW cars have the lighter crush tubes - but many people reported crush tubes in a US car, and many people have found RoW cars with bumper shocks, soooo.....

The US cars may have different symbols on the switch gear (apparently a requirement for federalized "grey market" cars brought over from Europe), will have a MPH speedo instead of KPH, and the early speedos may or may not have both on the scale (my '77 speedo has only MPH, my (Euro) 82(?) SC & '86 Carerra speedos have both).

Engine-wise, there's very few differences between 78-79 US and RoW cars, the headers and CIS are identical in those years, it's the 86-89 US cars that are different.

There may be a cat on a US car that year, I think that's why the US car has less power. The US cars will certainly have an air pump, no idea if a RoW car for that year would (probably, I'd guess). The CA cars have quite different smog equipment, distributor and ignition timing.

As far as ride height goes, the story on the 944 board was that the US introduced a requirement as to the minimum height of the rear lights (or reflectors, I forget), Porsche looked at the problem and simply adjusted the rear ride height up 1.5" or so until the lights measured within the new spec... So the US 944's look "jacked-up" at the back in comparison with RoW ones.

Ride height is a pretty easy adjustment, although you may need to adjust toe as well.

'77 S with '78 930 power and a few other things.
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