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Originally posted by Maxx1
Well, thanks for the input. It looks like for my budget I am going to be limited to the 400 hp mark. Actually, 400 horsepower isn't all that bad .... it will kick butt on 90% of the cars on the street, and considering the 930 hooks up and launches so well, it will beat many cars with more HP.
That is what I decided. Until you rebuild the engine for 50 or 100 more horsepower, EFI is a big waste of time and money because you will end up with no more than a maximum of 5-10% extra power (which is the outside limit that fine tuning your timing advance achieves). That is assuming you tune it perfectly.

People don't often mention that an EFI system needs to be tuned for all kinds of parameters, such as the coldest day of the year and the hottest day of the year and everything in between. Your EFI might work great at the dyno, and then need several months of real world driving to really fine tune perfectly.

If you can make sure your CIS is dumping enough gas to keep your AFR at 12.2, you will be okay.

EFI is essentially optimizing the timing and tweaking the amount of fuel on the set up you already have in place. You could add EFI now and decide to go with a different manifold and everything else when you actually rebuild the engine down the road and you will need to redo your EFI......That is a waste.

If you want down and dirty performance, drop your tranny and redo your gears. Lower 4th a lot, and lower 3rd a little. Or just lower whatever gears you have trouble shifting into on the boost, in other words, whichever gears you are finding yourself out of the power band when you shift to them. No more expensive than an EFI kit, and you end up with a new tranny.

For CIS, imagine auto is coming out with a fully programable system, and they already have a fuel head to deliver more fuel if you are running lean. That will be worth checking into.
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