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Originally posted by DRV2FST
I strongly disagree. EFI puts the 930 in a different class of sportscar. It almost erases the 30+ years that have gone by since the 930 was designed. EFI enables you to take a 300 hp 80's car and transform it into a 600+ hp semi modern car.

I have 505 rwhp at .85 bar and have more tuning to do. I imagine I could get 600 rwhp out of this car with a few more changes (intercooler, tuning, ...).

I do agree that EFI is not necessary. I'll even agree that it is not financially worthwhile for street cars. However, don't get the wrong idea about it's capabilities. It can really transform these cars.

Here is another perspective. Try beating a Z06 on the track with your best CIS 930 and you are very likely to be disappointed. But with EFI you will rule the track.

DISCLAIMER: When I mention EFI in this posting I am assuming all the normal upgrades as well (turbo, intercooler, heads, intake, headers, ...) This is part of the "while you are in there" effect.
What I said was that EFI is a waste of time to put in now if you are going to do your horsepower engine mods later on. In other words, putting the cart before the horse.

CIS is fine for a mild engine, and when you add the 100 extra horespower and know what your plan is, then you add EFI according to what manifold you will use and what your fuel needs are instead of doing an EFI conversion twice, when you don't have a lot to gain in horsepower from EFI on your stock engine.

No one is going to suggest that EFI on a 500 hp car is optional, but on a stock 82 with a aftermarket exhaust and k-27, you don't need EFI before your eventual rebuild. And you may end up buying new EFI fuel injector parts if you change things inside your engine or go to a 3.2 manifold, and you will need to tune it again. So why not wait?

You will gain a LOT more with 7 or 8 grand on a stock engine by doing other things first, like weight reduction and lowered highway gears. A 10% weight reduction is MUCH MUCH better than a 10% power increase, and changing gears is like adding 50 horsepower.
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