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I looked at the Garrett turbo, Ben recommended and it is ordered in many configurations. I dont know which one is correct and have had an eye on a K27. But which one? Stephan Kaspar recommended one a while back that I was going to buy but I lost my second gear synchro and had to rebuild my tranny. So now I have a little money again. I wanted to upgrade the turbo headers and IC. If I went K27 what type would you recommend. HFS or S or 7200. Also Bell IC's are really good? I havn't heard of them being recommended by Craig, Brian or any other person.

BTW my car has a 1 bar spring in it now. What do you think I will get HP wise from these mods?


I do not have a clear favorite amoung turbos, but I think that a lot of this Garrett versus K27 is nothing but hot air. Both turbos as built in 2007 are very modern and very good. Kaspar told me the other day that if Garrett was a better way to go, he would build Garrett turbos, simple as that.....Ben likes Garretts. All I know is that nobody seems to have a shred of real same day, same car, back to back dyno testing of the best from each style to prove which is better. I have heard from a racer at this forum that in his GT2, the Shaft K27 type turbo built for him by Tial was better than the Garrett/ball bearing styles he ran, including one also built by Tial.

I don't know, and I honestly think that they both work great, and I don't believe it when people accuse the K-27 as being old and the Garrett of being new. Both have internals which are constantly being upgraded by tuners, and both work. I would get the one that you can buy and INSTALL correctly the cheapest, personally.

As far as intercoolers, I called Bell today and they said that all intercoolers are using a very standard bar and plate technology these days and they all should have very similiar efficiencies. They told me that you want a 3" thickness to minimize pressure loss and you want dimensions of around 28" by 10" for 500 hp or less. You can go smaller, like a half bay size, if you want 400 hp or less and won't be rebuilding in the future for higher horsepower. You don't want a bigger IC then needed, because it won't be more efficient unless you are using air through the whole unit, and not just part capacity. They basically said that there is really no way to make one well built bar and plate design much better than the next one, so why spend 4 grand on a bar and plate intercooler just because it has a fancy name on it.

Going super fast has a really good price on an intercooler that Albert, the owner, designed the dimensions of, but he has build for him. That is like $900 for a 27x11x3, and may be the best deal out there. I will probably get one of those if I don't just make a custom Bell unit. Bell only makes custom units, but they cost about $1150, or maybe less if you only want a smaller one for 400 hp. Bell has a good website. has a great website for reading up on intercooler technology as well.

I think you will get 30 hp from headers, maybe 10 from a zork, and probably another decent chunk from a really good turbo combined with a 1 bar spring and PROPER AFR tuning. ICs will help you get the hp that is already there, but won't increase it. It will keep you from killing your engine. You aren't going to get a 100 hp, and you won't need it to feel a big difference in your car.
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