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Originally Posted by robert_snyder

Out of context your statement sounds like you are glad more Americans are killed than Germans. the Happyface means your happy!
Absolutely not. I apoligize if I expressed this in wrong way. I'm just trying to say that occasional (or in German case, prolonged) driving at high speeds doesn't mean mortal danger. If highway is OK and car is in good running order...once or twice won't kill you.

Originally Posted by robert_snyder
What kind of accelerometer do you have? It WILL tell you allot. Physics is physics? I'm beginning to think the HP is directly associated with barometric pressure and temperature like it should be. My car runs allot better when its cool...

What the avg. temp in Sweden today?
I have LM1 and additional AuxBox. AuxBox contains two accellerometers that are loged directly into LM1. It also contains 3-bar MAP-sensor and additional chanells that log EGT, duty-cycle and TPS.

With other words, properly wired LM1 + AuxBox will log more information than most dyno operators will ever care to hook up on your car (if they DO have all that loging equipment in first place).

If you have your LM1 properly hooked up and logging AFR, RPM, MAP and linear accelleration, you can derive all kind of useful info.

You can extract EFI map more or less instantly, you can use accelleration to derive power (by multiplinng it with RPM) etc. Actual power numbers are little tricky, as you need to know vehicle weight, gearing and tire size but it doesn't matter really. You can overlay figures and tune until you max them. Then you have max power. If figure is 340hp or 360hp is secondary...that kind of numbers can be later extracted on dyno, for bragging rights

P.S. Of course, car will go better when air is cool as cool air is denser and your turbocharger will pack more oxygen into engine at same boost.

Average temp in my region of Sweden today is 70 deg F.
Thank you for your time,
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