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"well, i'm betting the most 'big block' transplants are faster then most 930's...."

I wonder what 'most 930's' means somewhere else than in Finland?
My friend has an excellent -74 IROC RSR - replica (very precise lightweight conversion downgraded from -78 car, except the 3,6 modern RSR engine, which is very highly modified Motec directed 12-plug etc.etc. RSR ++ modification ( 335+ hp) with all right kind of stuff no hesitation with expences.
It is extremely fast on racing tracks with slow (below 130-140km/h) curves and edges because of excellent wide and flat torque (absolutely easy engine to drive fast on corners), but when you get to the fast curves (from 150km/h up to 250km/h curves) 930 turbo family (at least all 80% of my 930 friends in Finland I know, disappears from the picture and their limits comes from the suspension and aerodynamic issues. Of course 930 is such a rare thing in Finland, that most of them are already quite modded... Actually, to be honest, I haven't ever even driven non-modded 930...

But really big block boxer with lightweight body is an excellent toy with supreme performance capacity, no doubt of that.
When standing start, modded 3,6 RSR during first 50 meters just do it!!
But not that much that after 50meters to 250meters, even my wifes slightly worked and weightdropped 951 (347 rwhp / 470 rwNm / 1260kg) can work with it pretty evenly. Yes, 911 makes it with gorgeous boxer growling, when 951 has a horrible whoosh - sneeze - whoosh - sneeze going on.

But there is no discussion about my 930 RUF Turbo (6xx rwHp / 6xx rwNm / 970kg) ... not even during first 10 meters. My serious boost really starts no sooner than 2900 r/min. but my 3,4L engine has enough torque even before serious boost to keep the modded 3,6L on side until the big boost comes (KKK 27/32 etc...) ;D
And this sounds like a combination of very strong growling with very loud whoosh - sneeze effects .

What we have tried: 3,6L RSR mod is after 1st gear already far behind, when my Turbo just keeps going: 1st gear 95km/h, 2nd gear 164km/h (here you still can see 3,6L in the mirror ), 3rd gear 240km/h (here you hardly see 3,6L not at all in the mirror, 4th as far you dare... (theoretical top speed with 7500r/min, 343km/h, my engine rev redline is in 7900r/min., can do 8200r/min.) mentioned speeds are when shifting in 7500r/min.
This is the major reason why I'm working seriously with downforce, especially for the front.

Diffusor bottom plate plans for 911

I want to keep going with my friends (real opponent cars what they do have are of course Koenigsegg CCX, Carrera GT etc. and some other RUF- and Techart build 996 and 997cars etc.) and not to be one to spoil the party so that the others should wait for me, even if I'm driving with my old "potato kettle"

But I do have a dream to have also one given day one of such a naturally aspirated big block lightweight combinations, because of its fun factor in slow speeds.
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