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Big Reds Upgrade - A "Slow'N'Rusty" Pictorial

Well Gang *finally* got my Big Reds upgraded in the front *only* with new 993TT rotors. This is a project I pieced together and took much longer than I thought it would, due to the fact that some idiot before me (who worked on the car prior to my ownership) had rounded off the inner portion of the 10mm Hex bolt on one of the calipers and I had weld the socket to the bolt. Then tightening \ torquing the aluminum hat to the 993 TT rotor, I was rushing and the torque wrench slipped and I had to be rushed to hospital and got 5stitches on my pinky finger, from slicing it open against the sharp edge of the new rotor (out of comission for 2 weekends on that stupid error!), also chipped the bone too on the joint...nice one!

I also completely refinished and repainted the 993 calipers with high temp paint and painted the "PORSCHE" logo as well, so more time there. A week there or so.

I also had custom "DOT" front stainless braided brake lines made for me for the front (that took another week).
In the rear I installed a set of DOT rear braided steel lines I bought from Pelican. At the same time I installed new Zimmerman rotors and shoes for the e-brake and PBR Axxis pads in the rear. In the front I am using EBC Red Stuff pads.

With my 17" HRE wheels I could easily run a 335mm rotor in diameter. The 993 TT rotors I am running are 321mm in diameter versus 303mm for the stock 930 rotors. The 993TT rotors are also thicker have a better vain design for cooling and have a much larger pad contact area. They also only 2.5lbs heavier than the stock 930rotor (16.5lbs vs 14lbs).

Ok enough are the pics...

993 TT Calipers when I first bought them (came off a race car):

After I refinished them:

993 TT Rotor left vs 930 Stock Rotor:

Differences in diameter and weight respectively:
993 TT Rotor:

Stock 930 Rotor:

Differences in pad respectively, the 993 TT pads have a much larger surface area and do not have the wear indicators like the 930 pads, so my dash on my light is now always "on" (might have to pull the bulb)

Stock 930 brakes, still impressive:

But these are the "daddy":

I finished everything tonight at 9pm after 2+ hours of bleeding!! Thought it would never end and buttoned everything up, and took the car for a much deserved drive, the pedal feels excellent, but I will re-bleed on Staurday as I still feel there might be a few straggler bubbles in the system. I am running ATE Blue brake fluid. If you guys want better daylight pics and some pics of the custom front braided lines please let me know and I will snap a few.

Total cost of the entire project:
1) Big Red 993 TT Calipers with 930 caliper \ hub mounts - bought used
2) 993 TT rotors & aluminum hats - bought used not many miles on them
3) New 993 TT EBC "Red" pads
4) New Zimmerman rear calipers
5) New Rear Axxis PBR pads
6) New Rear brake shoes
7) New Front and Rear DOT approved braided steel brake lines
8) ATE Brake Fluid
Total: $1970

Best Regards - Yasin
Ole Skool - wouldn't have it any other way
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