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this is my last post in the topic; really didn't mean to step on any toes...

IMO any 930 that can take down a lightweight 335hp 911 is a seriosuly modded car, because with cis/4spd/stockish KKK turbo I don't believe thats in the cards (not the power level but the ability)

as per the evo legend comments, it does have a cult like following, its on its 9th/10th generation... which compared to the 911 (1)short wheel base, (2)long hoods,(3) middies, (4)sc's, (5) 3.2's, (6)964's, (7)993, (8)996,(9) 997....
it too is starting to become 'something' more then a car...

i agree the company is not porsche, and has not been backed by compentent buisness men... or great warranties, but the cars are light, fast, and fun... i don't think my comment on evo's was out of place, MANY car mags talk about the 1000hp evo, it is talked about amoung friends.

i did not say it was a motorsports legend (which porsche is, 911's derivatives; rsr's, 934/935) and the 911 is even graced by being from the same company as the 917/962/gt1 which dominated the pinicle of sports car racing.

i feel like my post was being picked apart finding a line to repeat and change what i said. did not say evo is equal in status to a 911. however i would never drive a 911 for a status car either.

930's can be seriously fast, fast enough to compete with some of todays super cars, and that speaks for itself.

however you mod the new stuff and it gets fast too, if not faster. I have not seen or heard mention of a reliable 1000hp 911/930, but cleary way way way off topic here.

stock 930 vs. 'big block' powered, lower weight 911, 911 wins.
and i do believe that most 930's and 911 remain stock, in which case the 930's are obviosuly faster...

though a side by side comparison would be neat, especially in an un-biassed articile, maybe with writers from both side of the table.
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