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Originally Posted by DDDD View Post
If you look up Protomotive Porsche on Youtube, you will discover a 1000 hp 996 owned by Alexander, which easily runs 8 second quarter miles. He races, and kills, a Kawasaki Ninja that does 9 second, 150 mph quarter miles from the factory.

And there are several other Protomotive cars that are just as fast.

Contrary to what a couple people here imply, you can achieve the same results in a Porsche as a ricer. Just like everything in life, if you want a ricer than you get a ricer and if you want a Porsche you are going to pay more money.

I am sure that a Camry is as smooth and quiet as a Rolls Royce, but I doubt any Rolls owner wishes he could be driven around in a Camry.

I would rather have the 1000hp Porsche, and it is just as buildable as a 1000hp ricer, but for a different price. Todd at Protomotive builds these cars all the time, there is no mystery to it.

As far as the Evo 'legend', I guess that the pimple faced youngsters of the Youtube generation will have something to talk about in the year 2040 when they are all restoring and driving their 30 year old Evos. They will be lusting after their 30 year old Evos, right? I mean, a legend is something that we look back upon at a later time. A 'fad' is something that happens for a while and then the kids move on to the next thing.
Geez, lighten up will you? Let's be greatful there still are kids out there that love cars and enjoy hot rodding them. This sport/hobby needs all the help it can get to save us from the "tree huggers".

The C6 Z06 is a fantastic car. I, for one, is really happy for Chevrolet Corvette to push against the corporate yahoos and produce an American-built world-class car on the street and on the track.
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