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Here's a quick write up I did last night. It's still a work in progress so don't nail me on spelling or grammar...

4 Post Lift installation
Direct Lift Pro Pak 7

Before mine or Randyís lift could be installed we needed to get some prep work done first. First things first, we needed to clean out the garage and make room for this thing. Secondly is making sure you have ceiling height and donít forget about the garage door. Thanks to Bruce Pigozzi for the tip to go with Cawford door. They were great to work with. So we had Crawford door come out and re-do our doors to make the track up higher then tight to the ceiling. We also removed the standard chain drive opener and had them replace it with a side mount (Jackshaft) opener. Lastly, we added some fluorescent lights to give us more light around our lift. After running all the wiring, switch and outlets the garage is now ready for the lift. A few days later we called and placed our order.

Friday 8-24-07:
You must have a fork lift to remove from shipping truck or some other lift or pulley system. I had permission to ship it to a local business that had a forklift. Then with the help of Bill Schellburg we went to pick up the lifts with his truck and 18í car hauler trailer. Weather was pretty good but there was a little sprinkle while it was being forked on the trailer. All tied down it was time to head to the house. He backed it in to the garage and we start to cut the band ties to remove the jacks from the pallets on top. First thing we had to take off the trailer had to weigh close to 300lbs. To get the jacks off we ended up using a heavy duty hand truck and some boards. Next we started to remove the bolts that hold one of the runways on. This was just too heavy for Bill and I to get. I then enlisted the help of a neighbor and between the three of us we were able to slide it off the trailer onto the garage floor. Next the columns came right out along with the cross bars and other small parts. Those were easy. Last to come off was the other runway. This one wasnít as heavy as the other one because it didnít have the hydraulic cylinder mounted in it. The three of us could get that out relatively easily. Then we took Randy Doineís lift over to his house and left it on the trailer. This whole process took around 5hrs. Then it rained really hard. At least we didnít have to work in the rain.

Saturday 8-25-07:
The weather was beautiful. Randy showed up early and we turned the runways and set the cross bars. Then Mike Pillay and Wayne Walter showed up to give us a hand. We installed the runways, cables, pump, and release linkage. It sounds easy but let me assure you it wasnít. It was a lot of work. I didnít have enough room to slide in a long release rod so the whole lift had to turn enough to get it in there. It took all of us to slide it enough. Then we thought lets put the castor kit on and roll it back. Great idea, except how are we going to lower it to the ground. Wayneís side lowered at a different rate then my side and WATCH OUT it slipped off my jack and BANG! Fortunately no one got hurt, but now itís on the castors. Tip for next time is to put the castors on LAST like the instructions said. We have directions? Anyways, we rolled it back to where it is going to sit. Filled it with AW32 hydraulic fluid and bled the pump. Sent up the lift a couple of times adjusting the releases and cables until it was pretty close. Now itís going on three oí clock and of course we need to get Randyís off the trailer and in his garage today. Sigh. I can do final adjustments later, so off to Randyís while we still had plenty of manpower.

The lift is on the trailer just like Bill and I parked it yesterday. The four of us donít waste any time and we start tearing into it. This time though we were smarter with the way it came off and where to put the parts because we learned on mine earlier that day. By the time we started taking parts off the trailer we were all well seasoned lift professionals. At least thatís what we thought. Anyways the one ramp came off spun around for proper placement. The columns came off the trailer and place in the right spot. Not like mine when I had to move the columns all around. The cross bars came off the trailer and right into the columns. I still recommend measuring the distance so itíll drop right in instead of just guessing. Guessing takes too much time holding one end over your head until the column is in place. The next ramp came off and put on the floor. Mike had to leave but we talked Wayne into staying a little while longer to get the big parts in place. We got the ramps installed and the pump on and now it was going on 6:30pm or so. We left Randy and called it a day. Wayne went home I had dinner and finished up the minor adjustments on my lift and it was all set by about 11-12pm. Meanwhile Randy installed the cables, release pulls, hydraulic lines and fluid. His was up and running also.

Sunday 8-26-07:
Randy started early on Sunday to get his lift adjusted. I showed up to his place around 1pm to give him a hand finishing it up. He had recruited a neighbor of his sometime during the day. Never hurts to have people around even if they just hand you tools. We lifted his jacks in place and put in the drip and jack trays. By 2:30pm we had his car going for a ride on the lift. We ended up leaving him around 3pm with just tools and bubble wrap to be picked up. He still has a couple of minor things he has to finish up but they work SWEET!
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