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Edit .01 Yes you are wrong.
Just kidding

Edit .02: The question posed is very simple and straight forward; would a 2600 pound 911 with a 915 and 3.6L engine be quicker than a bone stock 930 of the same (~280) HP rating. The answer is an easy yes due to the weight, gearing and non turbo lag advantages of the 911 transplant.

Edit 03: I personlly disagree that transplant cars need bigger brakes and suspensions or they will be undriveable.
.01 I'm right, your'e right. See the following:
.02 Yes, I agree. And if you are right in this point, see the following.
.03 I disagree: honestly 930 has itself very ****ty original brakes up to 965 have reasonable ones (note: if you have an original historic very valuable piece of 930 still with original parts, please don't upgrade it!!!) and as far as I know, any 911 (except factory RSR race cars with 917 brakes) didn't have anything better than 930 compared to the power/weight ratio.
Therefore - as if 930 doesn't have the brakes it deserves because of it's capability, how come any 911 transplant would have that?

I see your point Rarly, of course in the regular traffic with an excellent brake pads (Ferodo 2500 or no higher) and excellent brake fluids (Motul RBF 600 or so) you can do a braking or two with reasonable co efficiency with the upgraded engine. But if you consider 911 transplant even faster than 930 stock (which already has a questionable brakes, which maybe they were about to be ok compared to the others in that time, but not any more today), why you shouldn't consider upgrading the brakes as well?

And - honestly - if you put 3,3 turbo or 3,6L NA to the SC, the rear spring bars are not any more enough: the manouverability of hte car really becomes very unsafe: they are way too soft even to keep the car in balance (the rear will drop too deep when accelerating and in curves and especially when braking, the major problem of the 911 handling (the tail will have a strong lift movement after you lift the gas pedal) will be due to create steering problems.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to do 911 transplant without just mentioned changes. Not even to streeet and traffic use.

Anyway, don't feel any offense _0_ .

PS. I finished the deal about Strosek 965 turbowide 911 -77 / 964-3,6L conversion (see, classics, 965) as to be a daily driver to my wife, but it has 928S4/951S brakes, 930 suspension and swaybars etc.

Take care of the people you care ;D
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