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Originally Posted by DDDD View Post
My car has nothing more than top end work and some extra fuel flow through the CIS and puts out plenty of power to burn any normally aspirated 911.
thats a pretty huge claim, has your car been on a dyno?
you believe you that 4sp 400hp car will take down teo's 385hp n/a 6-speed car????

someone asked above how many of us have actually driven both a 3.6 transplant, and a turbo... i can say 100% yes to both and add a non 3.6 transplant, and a modified turbo (something like DDDD's).

I drive daily my 3.5L transplant (different i know, but similar),
my car previosuly was a 3L into a midyear.
i've drive a 86 turbo with k27, B&B headers with a sc cam, no doubt once on boost it was fast.
also driven a BONE stock, show room example of a 79 turbo (3L year?), and the lag was much more noticable, and power was down below 4k...

never did back to back with anythign other then the 3L and 79 turbo, and even with those you'd have to get into tripple digit speed for the 79 to truly be beating thr 3L...

i guess another issue is what makes a standard build, myself i don't consider having an engine built by a premier tuner a standard build, a standard build is what a guy does to modify his 930, mostly at home, or a local shop, would be somehting like the 86 turbo i drove.... and its not making 400rwhp....

imo peoples hp/performance goals and abilites get scewed from the extreme builds. beepbeeps, petri's, etc.... their cars are now in another realm of performance, where 930 brakes are not

mean while, the public and majority of drivers see normal 911 brakes as excellent, 930 brakes as overkill... lets face it, i'm not going to get up to 120mph then need full brakes for 20+laps, not even once..
in auto-x i get up to ~60mph, and need full brakes twice..

anyways, has been a fun thread to read, soryr that i got back invloved but i think the thread has cooled down and is just chit chat again !

vini vidi vici
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