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Yes my car has been on a dyno. An 86 turbo is not quite like mine. We may have similiar hp. But my car weighs easily 300 lbs less than an 86 with my weight savings combined with the big difference in weight from the factory. Secondly, my lowered gearing is worth 50 hp according to several tuners I have talked to. So large weight difference and low gearing which means I am essentially never off the boost once I am under way. I am in the boost curve 99% of the time unless I get really lazy with my shifting.

Teo spent something like over 50 grand on his engine alone, let alone the rest of the car. I know Steve Timmins, who built that car, and I have seen dyno charts of 3.9 builds from him. They don't have the torque of a turbo on boost.

Are there a handful of normally aspirated 911s out there that are faster than mildly modded cars like mine, sure. At a cost of three times my entire car. My engine is a mild build, not a ground up custom job.

For 34 grand, Steve will build a twin turbo 3.9 with all the fixings, good for 700+ hp. I could lay waste to any normally aspirated 911 with that and keep the change in my savings account. Same displacement, twice the horsepower.

Porsche made 700 hp out of the 3.0 litre engine back in the mid 70's.

You need an 8 litre normally aspirated engine to keep up with that power output. Not a 3.9.

The bottom line is that any turbo build is going to toast a normally aspirated build, all other things being equal.

If you want to compare a bone stock turbo to a maxxed out 3.6 conversion, that is fine. My point is don't assume you will run into a stock turbo on the street because the turbo is being taken to a whole different level these days. You can lose the same weight in a turbo, within about 60-70 pounds, yet you can run DOUBLE the horsepower.

For 12 grand, Imagine Auto will build a 440 rwhp CIS car for anybody who wants it. Is that outrageously expensive for a Porsche engine build?

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