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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
I don't believe I was defending CIS, just stating that an accurate comparison is unlikely because too many components were changed and the CIS system likely did not function optimally for an accurate baseline.

Far too often the results of these conversions are scewed due to other upgrades that occur and the fact that nearly none of the CIS systems removed were optimized. I believe DonE is the only person I have found that had a well sorted CIS and then went to EFI, so he knows the differences in his systems.

CIS is quite capable of producing EFI-like A/F ratios from idle to redline.
It is true that I do not believe there is any justification for EFI if you are under 400RWHP. The differences in driveability are miniscule when compared to the costs.
If you hate CIS for whatever reason, don't want to work on it, or are in love with electronics, that is a different story. I have never said EFI is not superior, it is, but it is also highly overrated.

Wouldn't you agree that this would be good to know before you plunk down $10K?

Now back to the post at hand. I had the opportunity recently to take a ride in a 500RWHP EFI 930. WOW! The power was awesome. Unfortunately this car was not a good candidate to compare driveablilty with CIS as it was not running properly due to the extreme temperatures we were having at the time. But even an improperly running 500HP is good!
When I had CIS in my car it was running good. I was running lean though. So I could have messed with CIS (which I hate) or I could do EFI. EFI isn't overrated. EFI is great. It is also expensive and hard to do. Does CIS work? Sure it does. So does a gas soaked rag.
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