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Originally Posted by RarlyL8 View Post
Properly tuned CIS will not run lean at 352RWHP.

It's easy to say EFI is great after you've spent thousands and lost a year (or more) of your life.

It's easy to say that CIS is not significantly inferior if you've never driven an EFI 930.
Problem is I have. The other problem is none of them were running right. I need to go for a ride in a primo tuned EFI 930. Any takers?

Now back to our regulary scheduled program ......
So why/how can EFI be so expensive? From what I have seen the sensors can be had for under a thousand. Hardware another grand, software ???? I don't get it, MegaSquirt can be had for <$3K, where and how can you tie up $40K in an EFI system? Labor? Tuning? Is a $40K EFI system that much better than a $10K system? How much of that money is not EFI but engine management?
A couple corrections.

When I had CIS I had 328 RWHP on a Dynocrap dyno. Now we all know those are a little optomistik. It was running good but a little lean. At 60F I had a flat A/F of 13.5. When it was 30F it would detonate. Like I said I could have could have put some money into the CIS (gas soaked rag)

After EFI and SC cams I put out 352 RWHP on a DynoDynamic Dyno.

Time is money.

I spent $4k on my EFI parts. Plus $2k for an intercooler core and piping. So if you are willing to do the work yourself, it ain't gonna cost $40K

Any time you want to come up to MA, we can go for a blast in my car. It is a decent running EFI car. I don't think I have lost a year or more of my life doing EFI. I feel like I have learned a lot and unless you are like GWB, learning is good.

If I were to do it again I would do it the same. There are very few things that are as great as progamable EFI on a car. Turbos are one.
911 SC turbo, 3.0L 930 motor, G50, 930 brakes, DTA EFI, 352 RWHP DynoDynamic dyno,
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