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anyone here have a 930 that can actually chase down cup cars and gt3's??? not in a striaghtline, but on a road course?

to be honest turbo's aren't then end and for me because aside from the lag, sound, and maitenance, alot of their power is just not useable. out at the auto crosses there's lots of highly boosted 300zxTT's, single turbo skylines, rx-7's etc... but they certaintly cannot lay the power down.... then they often say that their car was built for straight line speed, but will loose everytime to a well build american striaghtline car.
aside from the fully built ~1000hp evo, a nice 383 (basic build actually does = 450hp,500lbft ~$4500) with a gear vendors underdrive/overdrive unit (500-2300) will WALK on these 'straight line cars'....

but then again i guess the arguement could be made to add a turbo to that same engine and you now have north of

somewhere between speed, money and senseability there is a limit to how fast your going to go.

- i'm willing to bet that most of the 930 guys here would switch happily for teo's car....

as to Peter Dawe, he is an enginer tuner/builder/racer of the upmost level, not someone who is bascially a hobbiest or w/e you wanna call it, he's by no means the normal tuner garage was my point. His understanding and resources go well beyond.

craig summed it up very well,
"1) Throttle response"
"2) Power to weight "
"3)reliable, safe HP"
"4) maintenance "
"5)Personal preference " ****
(if i miss represented your words toss me a pm)
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