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Originally Posted by patkeefe View Post
I need to go over this again.
I am adjusting my Brian Leask WUR (a wonderful device, BTW). I have been running the car for a while now with it installed. I found I had high control pressure, around 4 bar, and adjusted it back to 3.0 bar. I have two air connections on it, side and top. I have the top port open for atmospheric reference. The side port is connected to the discharge side of the compressor. I am guessing that's correct, as I get pretty good enrichment under boost. Does the top port stay open? Or, does this connect to a vacuum source?

My warm control pressure was high. I'm trying to get the car working best I can before it goes on the dyno Wednesday. BTW, my AFR drops way off when off the throttle, like coasting downhill, to 17:1 or so, or off the chart. Lots of popping out the muffler also, which I attribute to my cams. I also have a bit of high idle (like 1100 RPM), which is difficult to get dropped. I think I am bypassing some air; I don't think there are any leaks.
Pat, the factory diagram shows one WUR connection going to the air box, the other to the throttle housing (teed to a deceleration valve, BTW). I think even the aftermarket 930 airboxes like the EVO have a fitting for the atmospheric reference.

No scanner right now, otherwise I'd post the diagram.

As you say you're getting boost enrichment, it would seem that you've not connected things backwards to the control pressure regulator.

Just as a datapoint, my BL WUR came set for 3.65 bar WCP, but that turned out to be too rich in the mid-range and got set to 4.0 bar instead. BL set the boost enrichment to 2.3 bar WCP @ 10 PSI boost.

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