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Tossing around a projected HP target is pointless due to boost level being a dramatic variable. I've heard of a number of 930s making in excess of 500, and a few who claimed significantly more, but you would cringe if you heard how much boost it took to get these claimed results. Inlet charge temp is another big variable. For example the white 965 claiming 1000+ which ended up having dry ice on it's intercooler. In street trim the owner claimed 600. I also seem to recall 21 PSI being mentioned but I'm not sure which HP level this applied to.

Though I'm not certain, I feel that fuel has got to be an issue given the primative combustion chanbers we are dealing with. So doping is likely if the driver wants turn key big numbers each time he backs out of his garage.

I track my car and I can't help but think about engine longevity at any of these large HP figures. For example the factory prepped 935s had a short track life at 600. Even the thread about the backyard rebuild of the 962 motor displayed something like 580 for 20 hours, then it was cooked. This came from the guy who had his hands dirty at Andial dealing with the overhauls.

I realize that a 10 second squirt here or there is not likely to tax thermal load like a 962 sees on the track, but you also have to deal with mechanical stresses. 600HP is 2 times the stock spec of a euro 930 spec. So, 2 times the cyl pressure acting on the head studs and 2 times the force trying to blow the crank out the other side of the case.

Where am I going? just suggesting that it's not a race. What ever numbers Gumba's car turns out will be good though I personally would be curious what the low and mid range torque looks like. This was the best improvment with my conversion using Carrera manifolds.
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