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First off, we reply to every email that we receive and in general thats at least 150 per day. If you didn't get a response we either did not receive yiour email or you did not receive our reply which does happen. Email is our primary means of communication, but sometimes emails do not get routed to the appropriate address and get lost in the system.

Give it a few minutes you will get a sales pitch from Aircooled Tech
We don't have a single "sales person" on the staff. All I do is provide facts and allow the person who is interested with the ability to research the topic himself- thats not a sales pitch.

130HP??? Reliably??

The TIV engine in my 912E was built 5 years ago and made 125HP in it's very minimally modified state of 2056cc, RAT camshaft and 2.0 heads with no port work, only upgraded springs and other valvetrain components.

That was 130,000 miles ago and a life time filled with purpose neglect, and one oil change that aspanned 23,000 miles as well as several other 10-16,000 mile oil changes. I built the engine mostly from used parts and even used some never before tested components inside it, it has NEVER let me down and has seen over 500 miles of Road Course action doing DE events. It's last valve adjustment was February of 2003, since then I have checked the valve adjustments ate oil services but still have not needed to adjust their clearances (the beuty of our cryogenic enhancement program most certainly!)

Now..... This amount of power with factory EFI is not possible, my best combination for stock EFI makes 110 HP and thats it's maximum output safely.

An engine kit is simple, filled with support and very comprehensive- but not for everyone. Those that choose kits have the simplest projects with the least amount of guesswork and best outcome because they just assemble the combination we have developed for them. There is no guesswork on assembly, clearances and we can even dictate tuning, lubricants and RPM ranges for ed line and shift points.

If you want 130HP you can do it without a kit, and its not that difficult. In today's world 130HP is nothing for us with most engines generating a minimum of 175 HP and most approaching 200 reliably for street conditions.

The heads are the main aspect of this engine, there are two people in the entire country that have proven to me that they know these heads- don't trust anyone else.

And thats not a sales pitch, its reality that can be backed up by doing searches most anywhere on the net.
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