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Funny you should be looking into this, earlier in the year I started digging through some of my notes and searching for similar information with regard to my car.

It's always been difficult tracking various items offered by Porsche's Special Wishes program.
Some of the pieces in your picture, although offered through Special Wishes, were also available during the mid 80's over the counter through your local Porsche dealer. If you couldn't get it through them or they had no clue as to what you were talking about, what you wanted was available through Alan Johnson Racing.

Not sure what kind of deal he had going with Porsche, but as an authorized dealer, they could get you any special wishes part that you wanted.... and what most wanted were the 930S consoles, steering wheels, and slantnose conversion parts. AJR also did many of the conversions and upgrades to 930S specs.

My car was shipped to AJR by it's previous owner for a slantnose conversion and some minor Ruf mods. I am told, that AJR used factory slant nose fenders in their conversion. Not the headlight mechanisms but the fenders themselves. I have looked at many slantnose fenders, and the AJR units are not cut but rather stamped or formed steel. Most others, as with my previous slantnose, were made by cutting out the tops and welding in flat inserts or of course were fiberglass.

Special wishes offered several different consoles at the time. Mine is quite different from yours as its wider at the top and both knee pads are altered to accommodate the width. It was set-up to accommodate a cassette holder, a/c switches, and a knob for fuel enrichment. Not sure what they like to call this particular style console, however the one you have appears to be the original 930S style. My steering wheel is identical to yours and I have been told that these are the "original" 930S or special wishes wheels, the AJR catalog shows this wheel. The LED boost gauge is kinda-of-mystery as they are a VDO item, and I have seen them in both 934s and 935s, Special Whishes vehicles, standard 930s, DP 930s, and I know they were once available through Andial. They look really trick but I hear they are very inaccurate and difficult to read at speed.

I have seen several other Spezielle WŁnsche cars and no two are exactly alike. You basically paid for what you wanted like you wanted it! I have seen one special wishes car where every screw in the interior was covered in leather..even those that were out of view. The gauge faces were also leather covered with numerals stenciled on! I had to look twice as I wasn't sure I saw this correctly.

Anyway, just my 02 cents...

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