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Not sure what components/engine type I have, passed thru too many hands to know for sure.
I think we may be miscommunicating, there is actually only one vacuum canister on my distributor, it is just that it has a port on each side of the canister split line. One faces the engine which is open to atmosphere, and the other port/nipple is on the side away from the engine, and this one has a line from the throttle body connected to it. This seems to me that each nipple is on either side of the rubber diaphram that should be inside the can, and they probably counteract each other.
Now I am not saying this is stock because of the fact that the car has seen 3 owners and all the exhaust/smog equipment has been removed. It still had the US exhaust but the thermal reactors were replaced with a cast 3 pipe collector. I am not sure really what should be on the car and this is what worries me with regards to the ignition timing.
I will try to post pictures of my set-up once I have time to take some.
Do you have any pix of the non-california distributor as Boxster Rod described?
Also, how critical is it to have the boost retard still connected? I am assuming that this function has been removed on my distributor via the open port/nipple.
If this is disconnected what would be the proper timing to run as far as max advance under 0.8-1.0 bar boost?
What would be the initial timing roughly at idle to get to this setting? As this is how I would set up the timing at idle and then run it up to 4000rpm and check max advance. The owners manual I believe states that these should be set at 5 degrees ATDC at 950rpm.

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