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Weight savings update!

My A/C never worked and I finally got it off. I have a friend who is a mechanic. So I am pumped because I put a Clewett aluminum pulley on the crank and a V belt and when it spins up, I swear that it feels super smooth like there is no more friction on the pulley from the ackward A/C set up. I also installed Wevo engine mounts. It just winds up faster now, I think.

So my 1976 930 weighs 2630 lbs with full oil and gas from the factory, and these are the weight savings I have done so far:

Spare tire removed: 35 pounds

Rear seat backs gone: 15 pounds

Door pockets removed: 6 pounds

floor mats and trunk mat: maybe 10 pounds, pretty heavy!

Tools, jack and everything else not attached to the car also gone.

2 pounds zork pipe replaces muffler: At least 20 pounds saved

B+B headers with heat: At least 10-15 pounds saved.

AC: Maybe 50 pounds, not quite as heavy as I expected. EDIT: Actual weight just over 70 pounds...didn't seem as heavy in individual pieces, I guess, but added up to 70 lbs.

Lighter steering wheel (MOMO)

Newer stereo weighs 2 pounds

C2 style recirculating valve instead of original 10 pound unit

I do have some added weight: Andial IC, rear stereo speakers, and front oil cooler.

I think my car is safely in the mid 2500 range by now, all things considered. I noticed that my car is a little bouncy now that I took off the AC, like my torsion bars are a little on the stiff side for the amount of weight I am carrying. This may make me stop losing weight a lot sooner than I expected, because I don't want ride quality to deteriorate.

My wife and I went out and gunned it in second gear, so I could show her how much smoother it seems to spool up without the A/C parasitic drag on the crank, and then I shifted into third, and at 75 miles per hour, my rear tires lit up so badly that my car headed to redline with the wheels just spinning. That was just crazy. So I probably need to lower my car again after the weight loss, and I think a corner balancing would help. Bigger tires on the wish list...

The engine spins so much freer now. The car picks up velocity effortlessly. It doesn't feel as dramatic on your butt because the engine is spinning more efficiently and pulling less mass, but the speedometer is moving really fast.

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