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Your Webers like to see about 2.5 - 3Lbs. of fuel pressure MAXIMUM.....

And you will need a gauge to measure that. Or buy a fuel pump specifically for your Webers that puts out the appropriate fuel pressure.

Most of the time.... Carbs don't work too well on the factory recirculating fuel system

44 Webers are pretty big for a stock 2.0. Yet they will work with the appropriate Vents (Venturis), jetting and float adjustment.

I'm sure DD will be along shortly to expand on this. (He's good that way)

Do you know what Vents, Jets, E-Tubes (emulsion tubes) and what your floats are set at?

If not. You will need to find out if ya want to get your carbs set up correctly.

That will also include setting up your linkage correctly so BOTH carbs open up simultaneously.

You will also find out your timing MIGHT work better if you advance the timing a bit more than stock (Like 2 degrees) Play with your timing to see what works best. Once a stock engine is carbed. The factory timing isn't always the best to use. (But it's close)

Do you still have the stock Dizzy? Is your vacuum advance still hooked up? if so... How?

If you don't have a stock dizzy... What do you have?

Heeeee... heeeee... I could go on forever.

Get back to us on what you have. And let the brain trust here try to help you.

I probably know less than you.....
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