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Taking a few steps back...

The car was stolen and rebuilt before I bought it, and some parts were incorrect (for example, the wrong distributor was used and spun the wrong way, spitting oil into the cap.) This is likely due to how rare this car is and how hard parts are to find, but I knew this going in, buying a $100K car with 30K miles for $35K. I point this out because improper or improperly installed parts are a possibility, though I have owned and enjoyed the car for almost 10 years.

After tracking and autocrossing for years, the engine started to lose compression and I had the engine rebuilt by a local mechanic and 911 guru in Connecticut (Al Conrad).

It drove flawlessly for the first 5000 miles on the new engine, including 1000 miles down here to Georgia, but as we were building a new house it sat for over 6 months, not something I had intended or foreseen.

It was after sitting that the problem arose, maybe the 2nd or 3rd trip, when suddenly the smoke began billowing. I read that sitting for a long time will kill your turbo seals, and that was why my focus began there. It should have been rebuilt with the engine and was not. In fact, the returned parts after the rebuild looked pretty bad, the blades on the turbine were chewed up.

Now the smoking behavior is quite predictable, a little puff at startup (keep in mind the chamber is filled with oil at the end of the previous run) and then no smoke for the first 5 minutes of calm driving. As the engine warms, you start to see some blue smoke and then if I punch it the engine glugs and the smoke billows, with BOTH tailpipes dripping oil.

I have removed the turbo oil return tube and will blow it out with compressed air tomorrow, but I doubt that is the cause unless some part of the old turbo fell into it. It had oil flowing out of it, so there must at least me SOME flow. I had wondered the purpose of that cannister before I put pressure on it, but I assume it is just for crud collection.

Absent that being the problem, I'm not sure what to do next. I will buy the equipment to do a leakdown test (the nearest certified Porsche mechanic is now 60 miles away from me!) but given that the engine sounds fine I am having a hard time believing this much oil could be blowing by, and only at high RPMs.

Okay, there's my life's story with this car, thanks again for all the help, I've learned a lot and I think together we can get this thing fixed!

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