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Thanks for all the great advice! Here's what's happening:

1. I removed the oil return line, blew it out and confirmed that oil will flow through it. I reconnected the line to the turbo and ran the car at idle and no oil came through the line, though some did accumulate in the can. It occurs to me that disconnecting the line and running the negine isn't really a good test since the scavenge pump is then disconnected.

2. I discovered that I had topped up the engine previously with 5W-20 instead of 20W-50 (I must be lysdexic!)! At this point I was 4 quarts down and so I put in 4 quarts of 20W-50. (I know, I should change it all, but I really want to get the smoking sorted out and I only had 4 quarts handy) I estimate I must have at least 10-40 in there now though.

I took the car for a spin and it drove beautifully and smoke-free, even with the turbo at full force, until the engine warmed up. Then we got the smoke and glugging when the turbo kicked in, but not as bad as it had been before (it seemed).

I neutral-revved the engine, and there was not a huge billowing of smoke, but I didn't know how high to go, I just put it at 4K for a few seconds.

So maybe I still have some thin oil in there? Is there any other explanation?

PS Cobalt, the car is white, not the black Bad Boys car.

I haven't taken the car for an extended run to see what full operating temp will do, I'm still nervous.

Any other thoughts are appreciated!
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