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My first DE in the 930

I realize this should probably go in the racing forum, but I figured there's more turbo info than DE info.

I took my 930 to itís first DE with me and only my second DE (my first was with a SCCA FE formula car). It was at Texas World Speedway, which Iíve raced the shifterkart on several times, but driving it in a car was whole different experience. I guess itís like being good at ping pong and then trying your hand at tennis. You understand what your supposed to do, but it just doesnít happen that easily.

They put me in a higher run group due to my racing experience, but I probably wasn't even in the top 50% of the class speed wise (those Caymen S's are fast!) I could easily pull anyone on the straights, so I had to watch the mirrors for the guys coming up in the turns.

I installed 22/31 torsion bars, sport/custom valved Bilsteins, and Elephant bushings. The PO installed 22mm Weltmeister sway bars. I set the swaybars soft in front and stiff in the rear for street and autox. This made it extremely nervous on the track. Iíve bad mouthed the PO for having the car set up with so much understeer, but as it turns out, I set them back almost exactly to his settings by the end of the weekend . With the initial sway bar settings, I did everything I could to not let the back end come out at all, i.e. I went slow. After the changes and with more laps, I just drove my line and caught the back end if it stepped out, no problem. Itís amazing how much these little swaybar changes make!

The 255 and 315 BFG KDís on 9 & 11.5 x 17 Kodiaks worked fine, but Iíll consider running Hoosier DOT race tires next time.

The power was strong, but not nearly as intense as on the street. My biggest problem with the power was that I was braking way too early and then turning in a bit early. To really use the power, the car needs bigger brakes and even stiffer suspension. Which brings up the question of how far to go with the car.

The other issue is safety. Iím running sport seats and new OEM safety belts. I let a friend/instruction/Pelican drive it around the track with me. Wholly crap he scared the bejesus out of me! He knows how to get a 911 around TWS, but it wasnít really the greater speed that scared me. It was before Iíd made any swaybar adjustments and I could feel the rear end trying to come around on every turn. Combine that with no real belt support and I just about put my feet through the floorboard.

I didnít plan for this to be a track car and I still donít. I guess my biggest concern is how long the engine will last at sustained speed. Then thereís the issue of rollbar, seats, and harnesses on the street. At this point, my plan is to install the safety equipment with the good padding and maybe a nice custom vinyl cover so it doesnít look too race.

Even with 31mm torsion bars, it has some serious squat issues:

This red SC behind me is fellow Pelican "Razor Racer" checking out how slow I'm going .
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