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Have an independent porsche mechanic check it out. Used car salesman rarely to never tell the truth even if they know it...

Sounds like the synchros are worn if "crunching" means slight grinding of the selector teeth when upshifting. How is the downshifting? That makes the synchros work even harder as they try spin up the gear set before the selector teeth mesh.
Luckily mine was rebuilt around 30,000 miles before I bought it and it works perfectly, and it has a short shifter so I know how good they can be.

You should be able to shift into the next gear and let the clutch out right when the revs match perfectly smoothly with no crunch, jerk, or weirdness when upshifting if it's in good shape. True it doesn't shift as fast as a newer gearbox but it isn't slow like a big truck either.
I always match revs/double clutch on downshifts so I'm hardly using the synchros which are in good shape in mine.
It's a good thing to do for smooth driving and satisfying. If I'm going fast I heel and toe the brake pedal while blipping the gas matching revs and double clutching. Thats fun for me.

Sounds like 38,000 is too much if the car isn't perfect but a dealer is always going to ask more than it's worth and will probably come down in price if you know what you're doing.

Hope this helps and good luck with it.
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