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I had a similiar problem and it turns out that my oil filler spout was missing the rubber seal around the oil cap and this was actually causing a vacuum leak that made my car hesitate at low rpms. Right where you pour the oil in the engine, the cap you remove should have a rubber seal on it or else air leaks thru and gets into your intake manifold thru the oil recirculating hose.

Sounds silly, I know, but my mechanic told me that nobody believes that can be a problem until it happens to them. Fixed my issue.

Probably not the probelm you are having, but worth checking whenever you feel a hesitation.

Anyway, the real problem you are having sounds more like your Air to fuel ratio is too rich in your CIS. You will feel 'surging' when under part throttle when it is too rich, as in your car will not stay at a steady speed and will want to lunge forward more than you expect when you are just trying to drive at a steady speed.

Your CD has nothing at all to do with your car running rich. If it was your CD, your car would be stalling out or misfiring pretty badly, I would think.

Just so you know, if you lean your CIS out too much then that will end up causing a 'bucking' feeling, sort of a hesitation. So when tuning CIS, you need to get it right in the middle between too rich and too lean.
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