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Tuesday's progress on the Project 959 (Oct 16th)...

First off, thanks to everyone who helped me identify the small window regulator spring holder that I was inquiring about in this thread:

Need help identifying a part that fell out of my 959 door...

I did some further inspection, and it appears that I have a later-style regulator with an improved version of that clip. It's very difficult to see in there, but I saw it turning around. So, I will assume that this clip is from a faulty regulator that was replaced at some time previous. The window works great, and I don't really like to mess with windows, since they can take a lot of adjustment to get right. There is an upgrade available for this "pivot" piece, made by Weltmeister, that I will be adding to our catalog shortly (thought it was in there). Sure, I'd like to sell more regulators, but this piece seems to be the ticket to fix the older worn out ones instead. It's really not a great design anyways...

Friday night, after meeting up with the gang and Grady, I went to go lock the car, and the lock cylinder came out in my hand! I've seen this before, it happens when the screw on the end of the lock falls off. Well, then I tried to close the door, and it wouldn't close! I hadn't seen that before, and those two mechanisms are completely separate, so this had me confused as to why the lock and door mechanism would both stop working simultaneously. It turns out that the end pieces of the door handle fell off and got lodged into the door latch mechanism, causing it to jam. I fished one out on Monday (yesterday), and then the 2nd piece today. I will have to go to the hardware store to find the proper metric machine screw - these are not available separately from Porsche (we have a great hardware store down the street that has all of this specialty hardware - you don't even need to drive there, it's within waking distance). I recommend putting some red Loctite on this screw - it has a tendency to come out after 20 years of use. Hopefully when I put the whole thing together, the power locks will start working again (they aren't working properly now). I think the mechanisms need some greasing too - we'll do that tomorrow.

Took off the driver's side panel, of course, to get to the driver's side door handle (see the Project in the 101 Projects book). It's been a while since I've been working on one of my cars, I forgot how much fun this could be. Plus, with the 959, it's not the same old stuff again and again, there's lots of new and unique stuff on the car to explore at every turn. Unfortunately, I had to take off the passenger side door panel again (only takes about 5 minutes) because I wasn't exactly sure how the door handle hardware was supposed to go together (had to look in there to see what I needed to do for the door on the opposite side). I was missing a piece (that made it not work properly), and I couldn't for the life of me find it. So, I loosened everything up in the driver's side door, and then felt around in there for about 10 minutes. Finally, I pushed on something, and it felt loose. Sure enough, it was the top end piece of the door handle that had fallen into the mechanism (the 2nd piece that had done this). I tell you, it's very tricky to find this in there - you can't see anything, and all of the parts look like they belong in there, even if they are wedged inside the mechanism. I still haven't found the small screw that holds everything together, but something tells me it fell out a long time ago, and is long gone (or the people who painted the car didn't put it back in correctly).

Yesterday I went to Radio Shack and bought a mess of parts to create my own 959 diagnostic code reader. It's a really simple device with four switches and a lamp. Trouble is, you need to know how to hook it up to the diagnostic port of the car correctly. I'm in the process of figuring this out with the help of a few friends who have this coveted information (sometimes people are cautious to share). Either way, I'll eventually figure it out, and once I have that tool setup and running, I'll be able to diagnose what's wrong with the turbo boost system. I'm quite excited about working on this, as it's unique to the car. The instructions in the factory workshop manuals are sparse, but very clear. I'll have to test each component according to the procedures in the manual and see what the problem is. I'm also hoping for some advanced clues from the dianostic code reader.

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