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Here's that spring clip holder from the window regulator. As mentioned previously, I checked, and my current regulator on the driver's side already has a spring clip holder in place. So, this must be left over from a previous faulty window regulator.

Here's the driver side door handle. I found it interesting that this one appears to be maroon. I don't think that the car originally had a maroon interior, but the one on the other side is black (if I recall correctly). I'm guessing that since they only made a handful of cars each month, and all of the interiors were covered leather, that they grabbed what handles they had off the shelf, and covered those. The door panels all seem original, but definitely handmade, like the old days...

Here's a shot of the driver's side door panel. I'm going to replace the door switch retainers, and install the moisture barrier to protect the door panels in case the car gets wet.

Odd overspray. I'm not sure how this happened when they repainted the car. Still, it's sloppy. This is covered by the door pockets, so I will probably just leave it - I don't want to attempt a cleaning on a door panel and accidentally damage it somehow. All of this stuff is original, and no longer available. Either way, sloppy job from the paint shop.

Here's a photo of the inside of the driver's side door handle. As you can see, I'm missing some stuff at the end of the door handle (compare to the next few photos). Washers were also missing on the door handle screws (I put them back in), more sloppiness from the paint shop. There's a wire there in the photo that is not plugged into anything - I'm not sure what that is, or where it goes. I have the electrical diagrams next to me, when I'm done annotating these photos, I will look it up.

It's obvious that there's been some significant work done inside the door. More sloppiness - the late-style Porsche parts sticker is still on this replacement harness/actuator.

Here's a photo of the door handle removed. The pieces fell into the mechanism visible in the lower part of the photo here. As you can see from this camera angle, it's very tough to see in there...

Here's the opposite (passenger) side. You can see the additional pieces of hardware attached to the passenger side door handle. I had to take the door panel off to see what the driver's side was supposed to look like. Again, it's very similar to the Carrera stuff, but since this is a 959, and things are very prototype-ish, I wanted to make sure and confirm.

Here's the door handle, lock cylinder, and the two pieces that fell into the door latch mechanism. IMPORTANT: DO NOT REMOVE THE KEY WHEN YOU HAVE IT IN THE LOCK CYLINDER LIKE THIS. The pins will come flying out, and you will lose the springs and the locations of the pins. I took one of these from an original 914-6 to a locksmith, and his assistant was there, and I handed it to her, and said "Don't Pull out..." but by the time I got to the word pull, she had already pulled out the key, and everything went flying. My fault for thinking she knew what she was doing.

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