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Originally Posted by Noah930 View Post
Those of you who have removed/disconnected the air injection pump system: have you had any trouble getting through smog?

edit: FWIW, my air injection pump looks to be disconnected (by the PO), along with the O2 sensor. Still, the motor's been able to pass smog in Oregon and Massachusetts. Just wondering if I have to be worried about my "test" in California coming up.
I'm told the 930 is quite clean-running off-boost when hot, so a healthy & well-adjusted one can probably make the CA actual smog tests just fine.

Your issue (and I've only ever taken completely stock cars for smog in CA) is likely to be passing the visual portion of the inspection, where, IIRC, they specifically look for all the smog equipment that is standard for your year to be fitted, connected and working, if it's post the used-to-be-rolling year cut-off..

But how come you're taking it for smog in CA and this is only just coming up? If you registered the car in CA, didn't you have to take it for smog then? I know I had to have a current CA smog cert when I registered a CA car in my name in CA...

And when you registered an older non-CA spec car, there used to be a one-off "fine" of $600 at "importation" time (later judged unconstitutional amd re-paid, IIRC) - but what would happen then for a later inspection for that car, I've no idea...

And no, I've no idea what the ricers do either - most of the stuff they fit is "off-road use only" in CA. I know there were rumblings a few years ago in San Deigo (after a spate of late-night street racing accidents) to impound modified cars that didn't meet a roadside inspection and not release them until they were put back to spec by the state...

I think you should probably talk to some local folks and see what the score really is/what they do for inspection.

This is one reason why the older tubs are at a premium in CA, and why people are praying for the rolling exemption to re-start - I think it stuck @ 1976 cars.
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