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959 Porn: Today's progress (10-23-07)

Boy, if you enjoy getting sleep, then don't own your own business *and* have kids. I am running on empty these days, and working on a complex car like this doesn't add to the mood. I've been crabby all day. Got some stuff done today, but broke something too. I've posted the pics, and I'll annotate each one...

Here is the little oil pressure switch that I'm suspecting needs to be replaced. The car has been giving me an oil warning lamp and buzzer (only found on the 959) that is triggered by this sensor and/or the oil tank level sensor. This is the same part on the 911 that fails all of the time. This part is located all the way in the back of the engine, see this diagram for details (it's number 45):

Here's a new sending unit. It's the same one used on the 911, and it costs about $7 or so from us:

Okay, here's the starting point for replacement, the 959 engine bay. Pretty cool huh?

In order to reach this part, it's obvious that I need to remove the air cleaner. That's this grey box with PORSCHE written on it.

Start by removing the intake hoses. You might think that air goes from the turbochargers to the engine through these hoses, but in fact, it's the opposite - fresh air that has been filtered goes to the turbocharger system and flows from the air cleaner to the rear of the car.

Here's the gap where one of these cool, conical-looking hoses were removed.

With the straps undone, you can slide out the air filter. Yup, it's specific to the 959, and has a 959 part number. I wonder what these cost. Whoops, just looked it up, $341.86. Mine still looks pretty good, so we'll keep it in place for now. Those rubber straps are "reasonable" at $16.57 each.

It looks like you can remove the top of the lid by reaching through, but in reality, you can't. You need to squeeze the box out through other means.

Really sloppy mechanics have badly scratched the bottom of the air cleaner on the rubber mount that attaches to the top of the air intake. You can see the scratches in the photo. I managed to wiggle it out without any additional damage. It changes how you treat the car when you own it yourself, I guess.

Whoops, there's an oil breather hose attached to the rear of the air cleaner that needs to be disconnected. Mental note: don't forget to reconnect this when the air cleaner is reinstalled. On a related note, I recommend taking digital photos of all your projects so that you can refer to them later on in case you don't remember where something goes. This indeed has saved my butt many times in the past...

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