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Originally Posted by javadog View Post
If I were you guys, I wouldn't be quite so sure. I have a couple 930s, one of which is modified in a similar fashion to Jerry's. I haven't run my car against a Lambo but I have run it with a '92 turbo. They were essentially equal to 130mph or so, at which point we backed off.

A '92 turbo will do a standing start kilometer in a little over 24 seconds. An early Diablo will do it in under 21. Even a '94 turbo can't crack 22 seconds.

As for a shorter race...I'd still bet on the Lambo, as a 930 isn't geared for quick acceleration.

If looking at these numbers than either can a 993TT, a 996TT or a 2001 GT2 all of which do a standing kilometer in over 21 seconds. with the GT2 rated at 21.8 seconds

I guess the question is does a Diablo do a standing kilometer in less than 21 seconds?

Unfortunately, my 94 is not stock so it is not a good comparison. I will say that even a C5 Z06 with some mods is a loosing battle unless you have the opportunity for a rolling start. If you can get rid of the turbos 0-5, 0-10 mph portion of the equation not much keeps up with it. If you have to do a standing start you can loose upwards of 2 seconds launching these cars from 0-20 and that hurts. Yes I could rev the engine and drop the clutch but I would rather loose than destroy my car and drag racers they are not. Although with rolling starts I have no problem leaving C5 Z06's and vipers behind with no chance of catching up. I have never had a run against a Diablo although I know a few past owners that said they were not as fast as they claim to be and that is why they no longer own them.

So from a standing start I agree I would bet on the diablo once launched my bet is on the turbo
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