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Brian, lovely work. I already have two holes in my rear valance....

Question: do either you or Ben have a decibel meter? Basic analog ones seem pretty cheap...

For example (no affiliation): QssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

As an "acceptable" volume is so subjective (let's not even get into which sounds "best"), it'd be really helpful to have some metric to compare these exhaust systems against factory stock and each other - you're already doing dyno comparisons, so this would just be more data.

I also figure this would very useful those who have ambitions to meet track noise levels (typically 105 dB @ 4,000 RPM/10 ft here, I think) decide how much sound absorbant material they need to request.

I'm also real curious as to both how much you can affect the sound levels, and how much that affects the power levels? (I'm guessing the effect on power probably stays relatively small until you start cutting back heavily on the noise).

I'm also curious what a Zork or other open pipe measures. I think my old "muffler" was louder than a minimally-silenced Harley, so I figured about 110-115 dB. So much for the "rotary muffler" theory.

I want something light and reasonably free-flowing and don't have a problem with a car that sounds "interesting", but I find a completely open pipe can be very wearing on longer trips and a PITA - especially around LEO - more often than I think "yah! listen to that exhaust sound!"...
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