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930 engine problems..please help

Ok guys... I am not new to porsche cars at all, and pretty good backyard mechanic, but this one has me stumppppped.

My 84 turbo when under load misses out and pours black smoke... most of the time. It is cis injected of course and I am pretty familiar with it... had lots of 911sc's, 928's, etc... vw's etc... you get the idea.

I have check, I BELIEVE, all the vacuum leak posibilities, checked the airbox for being broken, changed plugs, played with fuel mixture, everything under the sun that was obvious to me. When it is really cold out, hence right now, it will run down the road and the turbo will kick in and run ok... not perfect, but not pouring smoke. When its warm out, such as noon today, it barely stumbled through town with out turbo and would look like a diesel with the turbo kicked it.

It was suggested that a fuel pump may be out... I was told it has two. Thoughts?

Also, it will rev up just fine without a load when it is acting up... no smoke, etc... just not in gear or with a load behind it.

It starts perfect, idles perfect, no other issues.

I had a cis 911 onetime that had a stopped up fuel filter that would make the car rev fine without a load but crap out with a load... Any thoughts there?

But, under load, I get black smoke... i believe is fuel (not oil) and that leads me to believe it is getting fuel...

My tach is acting up too... but not in series with the engine issues... I though maybe spark was cutting out, but that doesnt make much sense because it will always free rev without a load... the permatune box doesnt care if there is a load or not... it doesnt know. So i think spark is ok and I have a fault tach wire or something... thats for a nother day.

i am lost... I am game for any ideas... fuel pump? Sensors? (i unplugged the 02 sensor... but it isn used in full throttle anyway... and doesnt make any difference in my issues now).

Low fuel pressure? Cloged filter? Un obvious vacuum leak under pressure?

Please help.....

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