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Some photos from today and yesterday:

Here's a shot of the 944 unit and the 959 unit. As mentioned previously, they are virtually identical, with the exception of the top board, which seems more complicated on the 944 unit. The entire structure is hard-soldered together making the swapping of boards very difficult for someone who is not an expert with a soldering iron (I am not an expert). I'm a very big butterfingers type with that iron (and I have the proper lab-quality Weller ones), so I would most likely damage my unit if I tried to desolder it and take it apart. If I send this in for repair, I will probably send the 944 unit along so that they would have spare parts to use in case the broken parts are ones that are used in common.

Top shot of the two control units. The top one is the 944 one, the bottom one is the 959 unit.

Here's a blurry shot of the thermostat pot that I tested.

The pot mounts to those three points right near the diode D7.

Here I am testing the continuity / resistance of the sensors in the car with my new Fluke meter, which I bought yesterday after you guys were making fun of my Radio Shack one. I never had a problem with the Radio Shack one, but when you're talking about spending a lot of time on a project, you want to make sure the numbers you're reading are correct. This is the "automotive" version of the unit, which does a bunch of neat things like frequency testing (so you don't need to dig out the oscilloscope). Note the electrical diagrams open and at the ready.

Here's the spot at Pelican where I was working on the car. I had to move the RS out of the way because one of the metal-halide lightbulbs in the warehouse was burned out and I couldn't see (had to dig out the 14' ladder, and I was very careful not to drop it on the 959).

Neat shot of the car with the engine lid open:

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