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I have to jump in here. I can't stand to see some of the crap that has been posted about Lamborghini stand without comment. I know this is a Porsche forum, but...

Yes, Lamborghini started making tractors out of surplus military equipment after WWII. He then became a very successful manufacturer of new tractors as his business grew. The later stuff is basically the Italian equivalent of a John Deere, or whatever. Not junk. He also manufactured heating equipment and had other ventures. His car factory wasn't a hobby, as anyone who visited the factory in the 60's or 70's would be able to tell you. It was a huge investment and made the Ferrari factory look very dated. And yes, I visited both factories in person back then and am not basing my opinions on some book I read, or what some internet junkie said.

I recently sold my Countach and can say that a properly maintained original car, or one that has been correctly restored, drives just fine. Mine was completely stable (as in hands off the wheel stable) at high speeds and much less sensitive to road camber or wind that any turbo I've owned. You have to understand that most of these cars weren't owned by gearheads and weren't maintained by the book. If you've ever seen a Countach maintenance schedule, there's a lot more to it than changing the oil. I'd wager that if you have an experience that didn't live up to your expectations, you probably drove a car that needed tuning. That's not the car's fault.

As for performance, stating that a Boxer or a Bora or "just about any radical car" will out-perform a Countach by miles is more horsecrap. Really, where do you get this information? Any Countach, even the slow ones, won't have a problem with a Bora and the only Boxer that stands a chance is an early one. Remember, the Boxers got slower as time went on and, after the LP400S, the Countach got faster. As for mine, first gear was a little tall but once into second, it accelerated pretty hard. The gear spacing was really close and it didn't spend much time in each gear. If you don't believe me, go look up an old road test or two.

As for values, you ought to do a little reasearch here as well. Things are changing in the Countach market, particularly with the early cars. Some of the sales, like mine, are private but some are at auctions. In August, a RHD LP400 sold for $533K in California. Not exactly chump change.

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