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I agree with JP, the Bora is definitely a rung or two below the Countach and the BB512. I give Maserati an “A” for effort though! I strongly believe the BB512 became a better car overall when Ferrari went with the Weber-Marelli developed Fuel Injection, even though it was at the cost of hp. Who wants to balance and constantly synchronize 6 Webers, when there is a change in atmospheric pressure or weather change!

My cousin owned a beautiful LP5000S which he bought brand new and it was wicked, the looks of the car was so vivid and mind blowing, we would drive by a cemetery and the dead would come back alive – I swear. It sounded incredible and 140mp/h came up VERY fast.

I know for sure my modified 930 could hang with it, but the Lamborghini was a symphony with that incredible V12 and the bark of the exhaust – its stirs the soul and is an experience few cars can even muster and something every true car guy should have (at least once!). My “uncorked” 930 sounds pretty tame by comparison. The build quality on his car was so-so, the custom metallic red paint had large bubbles of air trapped under the paint (some 1.5” in diameter) and you can tell that the prep was shoddy on the car before the paint went on the car, and its amazing they shipped the car like this from the Factory in Santa A'Gata, especially seeing that he paid over $100grand for it back in the ‘80s.

The white leather was beautiful and perfect and stood up well (I never felt claustraphobic in the car and the seats were comfy) in the years he owned the car, except the glue they used around the very custom Pioneer factory fitted stereo trim started coming away and made the car look cheap on the inside and he was too scared to remove it and re-stick it! (that bugged me). By the way he crashed that car at around 120mp/h and walked away, so I guess they are pretty strong too!

I have never experienced Maseratis but the older models like the Boras, Khamsins, Meraks, Kyalamis etc always intrigued me. They loved their V8s for sure!

Italian car designers literally make love to the paper when their pen a design. No other designer can match their passion for creating an exciting shape.

Here is some interesting dinner thought for you:
- Not even Jay Leno owns a Ferrari.
- Mazdaspeed USA own a beautiful and perfect Miura they keep secretly hidden in their basement in Anaheim and use it to for Team Building to help the new young designers become inspired!

Again I will say that if I had the money I would have a Lamborghini sitting next to my 930 in the garage. Ferraris…no thanks (not even the new stuff stirs my soul)….with the exception of a Daytona or a BB512.

Regards - Yasin

P.S: Anthony's comments on the ludicrous prices of American Muscle I also do not understand...something that I still ponder.
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