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Originally Posted by javadog View Post
I guess what annoys me is that people that have driven a car once or twice make blanket statements about an entire series of cars, based upon their experiences, without considering all of the facts. I still maintain that the setup of each individual car made a world of difference. I'd wager that the cars you brought in weren't as good as they could have been, with a little work. I'd also wager that part of your problems were related to the work done to get them into the country. I've seen some pretty lousy conversion work on these cars, as well as boxers, turbos etc. I've also seen factory workmanship that left a little to be desired, when they were in a hurry to get cars out the door. Of course, I've seen that on Ferraris, Porsches, whatever too. When Porsche was cranking out a record number of cars in the mid-eighties, their quality slipped a few notches.

My experiences come from ownership over a period of years. My first drive in a Countach wasn't the most relaxed either, but that changed with time. You got used to what you could see and what you couldn't. Vision to the side and rear was better than you thought at first. My steering was light at speed, about like a 930. Road feel was excellent. Plus, it was hands down the most stable car I've ever owned at speeds over 100mph. Keep in mind mine was an LP400, which had narrower tires, no flares and no wings. The later cars were more sensitive to road uneveness, like any car wiith wide tires and lots of camber.

As for performance, the later cars got a lot heavier, as they were actually slightly larger in some dimensions, lost most of the magnesium castings the early cars had, and gained weight through bigger brakes, tires and other things. Add the horrible wings and the DOT bumpers and they got pretty fat. When the 4 valve motor came out, they made up for that. The last cars were really quick, if they weren't jacked with. I'd wager the car you outran in your C2 wasn't a shining example of the breed. You wouldn't have had any easy time with my LP400.

As for your '94 turbo, obviously it's a better car, overall, than a Countach. No argument there, but that wasn't what we were talking about, was it?

By the way, this 512BBLM you keep mentioning...are you talking about the race version of the Boxer, or did you mean a BB512 or BB512i?

I will agree it has been a long time and I have not much experience with the last models although the driving characteristics were identical to each of the cars I drove and the inside info I was told is what I stated and accurately described my experiance. I also probably covered several hard hours a few hundred miles at speed behind the wheel of several cars and decided to pass on attempting to import any of them.

The Countach I ran with recently was one of the finest examples I have seen cosmetically. Very clean car both inside and out, looked show room new. I have enough experience with performance cars to say my opinion isn't without merit but I can be wrong as can anyone. I will admit my C2 is very well set up for a street car with lots of negative camber improved suspension, big reds, light weight flywheel etc. So this might have helped, then again the driver of the lambo could have been..... well I won't go there.

I was fortunate to drive just about every high performance car back in the mid 80's driving the twisting roads outside Zug Switzerland and down the autobahn of Germany. Such cars as BMW M1's, Stock BB512's and BB512i's I liked the 512 better than the i. The BB512LM was a very limited production last run of the 512 line prior to the release of the TR. It was a full race spec street legal car. At least in Europe. It was rated IIRC at 480 or more hp had extra wide body kit and ran 9 & 11 inch Campanolo deep dish wheels in gold and the car only came in red. No amenities with all the leather removed and the window mechanisms were visible through the plastic formed door panels. Full roll cage and race buckets. Best part were the rather large orange numbers of the gages and the oh so easy to screw up gearbox with straight cut gears. I also had a chance to drive a 288GTO at the time but it was beyond most peoples means even with the exchange rate being the best it has been to date. Surprisingly the build quality was not so great on it either although looks and sound were tremendous.

So maybe i am wrong about the later models, maybe it is a personal thing but not my cup of tea. I had the opportunity to sit in the last Countach made and the quality was much better and even after 10 years and only 700 miles it still smelled new. Although I still had no interest in it other than the provenance of knowing it was the last of a bread.

I guess the other thing that I could not understand about the car was if you wanted air you had a little opening and needed to open the door to both pay a toll and back the car up while sitting on the side of the car to maneuver. Getting in and out was not very graceful either
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