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Originally Posted by javadog View Post
A couple of things I'd like to add, then I have to head to Dallas. Many (Okay, ALMOST ALL) of the low mileage garage queens I have run across have been mechanical pigs. Some people think that if they don't put a lot of mileage on a car, it shouldn't need much service work. In my experience, this is a fallacy. As an example, I have rescued half a dozen garage queens from their idiot owners and it's not unusual for me to spend more money getting them back in good shape than I spent to buy them in the first place.

Anyway, I'd bet that Countach you mentioned is one of the overweight 2 valve cars and has a bunch of needs on top of that. God help it if it were a federalized grey market car. As for the Lambo driver's ability, that could have been a significant factor. If you don't drive a car often, you don't get to know it well and frankly, you can't drive a car fast without either a lot of skill or a lot of practice. Lot's of guys own cars they can't drive...

The BB512LM that I am familiar with was a race car. 24 were built in 1979 and 1980. Back in the day, it was hopelessly outclassed by other cars, such as the 935, although the factory never really supported it. It's had a little success lately in the Ferrari historic racing world. If you had the means and opportunity to buy one of these at one point, you should have. You'd be sitting on a miilion bucks today, or more... I know, hindsight is everything...

Getting in an out of a Countach is easy, once you've had a little practice. Likewise, the ventilation is no big deal. I'm somewhat claustrophobic and thought the windows would be a big deal but they weren't. The car's actually quite wide inside and has a lot of room, unless you are really tall. I've never had to sit on the sill with the door open to back up, either. That's pretty much limited to attention whores in my experience. I look out the back window and at the mirrors. Works fine.

I won't argue with you about low mileage cars. These even more than Porsche's need to be run. I have no idea what the mileage was although it was clean and looked like the car on the Maxell ad. might have been a 2 valve. I am sure 4 valve would have helped the cars. I agree the interior was wide like my 928 and then some although it would have taken a while to get used to and I don't think I would have ever gotten over the claustrophobic feeling I had I am not super tall unless you consider 6'1" tall. I like 911's because they have good visibility and lots of light and air.

Unfortunately, it was one of the 24. I have pictures of it somewhere. I would need to scan them to upload. With the exchange rate at the time I could have purchased it for $28k . Yes I said $28k with only 5k miles on it. Although there were questions on whether it could be federalized. We placed an ad in the NYTimes and had a buyer in a week for $70k he sent us $30k deposit purchased the car shipped it over and he sent the balance. A year later he sold the car for $860k. Win some loose some. It was a beast of a car and I can see it easily being outclassed by the 935 but still a rare beast.

Originally Posted by javadog View Post
Sadly, most people think cars are for being seen in. Far too few of us actually buy them to drive. I couldn't give two *****s about what other people think of me, or my cars. Anybody that does care about how they look in a car, I don't want to know.

The Countach looks the way it does because the guys that designed and developed it were going to eliminate the problems the Miura had, no matter what. Talk to Bob Wallace if you ever get the chance.

I get my info from this guy he shows up at my shop on occasion looking for me to make him parts. I drill him with questions and he still likes Alfa's the best.

BTW the red Countach in the article he had at my shop and it was rather nice. I also have parts I am making for his Typo 33/3 right now.
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