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Heh. Aren't all our cars projects? "hi, my name is... and I have a Porsche problem..."

Small world. I remember seeing that car advertised early last year for 18K, I forget where...

If you get shots of the engine bay and the exhaust, folks on this board can probably ID bolt-on mods in a few seconds.

Bad news on the rotors - the 78-79 floating 930 rotors are a tad spendy, and sometimes noisy in town. The good news is that they apparently work better than the later fixed type, and don't get as hot. Other good news is that they last a pretty long time... There's actually a recent thread on the 911 board regarding rotors from Brembo Racing as replacement parts for RSR and 930 applications.

You should be able to score a complete interior from someone stripping a car for track without too much hassle, and if you can shoot paint, that's not too hard to sort out.

The factory manuals are hard to beat for information. For a 930, most (if not all) of the aftermarket manuals just don't cover the turbo aspects. Ideally, you want the factory 911 manuals, plus the 930 supplement (unfortunately NLA new).

They all come up from time-to-time on Ebay - just don't get over-excited and pay too much Sometimes they'll hit the classifieds here too.

The spec booklets condense much of the reference information from the manuals into a tiny booklet that omits the procedures - but are an absolute steal for the price (they still print these, so they may contain more recent/revised information too).

The factory parts diagrams are available in PDF form on CD from many places, including our host - whose new online parts diagrams are more than slightly useful as well...

The Haynes manual is written on the early cars and "expanded" later, so it's not ideal for mid to late cars (and doesn't cover the 930), but might give a useful picture or insight or something - for $10, hey, why not.

There's good general sources of information available on CIS itself, Probst - and even the Bosch training manuals.

This forum (and the 911 one) has vast amounts of expertise and information on almost every topic you can imagine - and most have already been asked/answered, if you search and read, search and read...

I think Wayne's books are well worth buying - and especially if you're not familiar with the marque - just for the pictures is worthwhile, to build a mental map of things. If you buy them from our host, you get 'em signed too! Our host also sells the CIS books and factory manuals new, but they're cheaper used, typically.

There's lots of information around, but it's hard to beat local expertise. Looks like you lucked out there.
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